Z520 Thin Screed Fibre-Reinforced


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Fibre-reinforced, very low-tension, self-levelling, cement-based thin screed, for offsetting unevenness in layer thicknesses between 3 - 40 mm

  • Textile flooring
  • Resilient flooring
  • Parquet (minimum thickness of 3 mm)
  • for internal use


The subfloor as well as the room climate conditions must meet the requirements of the applicable standards and data sheets. Subfloors must be permanently dry, solid, free from cracks, dirt and adhesion-inhibiting substances. Use a suitable mechanical procedure to remove separating layers.

Prime cement paving, calcium sulphate concrete, concrete and other absorbent subfloors with WAKOL D 3040 Primer Concentrate, diluted 1:2 with water, or with WAKOL D 3035 Dispersion Primer. Always comply with primer drying times.

When applying WAKOL Z 520 Thin screed, fibre-reinforced to wooden floors like plywood a maximum levelling thickness of 6 mm is possible. Use WAKOL D 3045 Special primer on wooden floors exclusively.

New, well sanded, standardized cast asphalt concrete does not require a primer when applying to a maximum depth of 10mm. Prime worn and poorly sanded cast asphalt concrete (according to standard) with WAKOL D 3040 Primer Concentrate, diluted 1:1 with water, or with WAKOL D 3035 Dispersion Primer.


Stir WAKOL Z 520 Thin Screed, fibre-reinforced in a clean mixing vessel with 3,5-3,75 liters of clear, cold tap water until free of lumps. The mixing device must not exceed 600 rpm. Using a pin knife, dripper, or smoothing trowel, uniformly apply the mixed compound to the subfloor in the desired layer thickness (at least 3 mm). We recommend using a spiked roller l. Before applying the levelling compound, check whether a sufficiently sized edge strip is available.

Protect the levelling compound layer from direct sunlight and draughts while it sets.


Processing not below floor temperature of +15 °C and room temperature of +18 °C, as well as room humidity preferably between 40 % and 65 %, maximum 75 %. All information is based on approx. 20 °C and 50 % relative air humidity. Acclimatize all laying materials before installation in these conditions.

When applying the levelling compound in a layer thickness over 5 mm on calcium sulphate- bonded screeds, use only Wakol reaction primer such as WAKOL PU 280 Polyurethane Primer. Please consult the corresponding data sheet.

The permissible layer thickness over timber substrates is 6 mm, over mastic asphalt (IC10 and IC15) the max. is 10 mm.

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