Gain a New Level of Understanding with our Bespoke Floor Refinishing Courses

We have been offering floor sanding training since 2012 and have delivered Lagler's patented PST® training system to over 140+ companies across the UK. Our dedicated floor sanding training centre is located moments away from our main office in Southampton, Hampshire and is fully tailored to provide a fully functional, practical learning environment for floor refinishing professionals.

We have also now developed courses across a variety of floor refinishing topics using the vast knowledge we have gained over the past 35 years in business and featuring some of the world's best manufacturers of floor sanding consumables, lacquers and materials. 

Lagler PST® Floor Sanding Training Course

KHR Company Ltd are providers of the very best floor sanding training in the UK. We work in partnership with Lagler to deliver the specially developed PST® Premium Sanding Technology training course. This course is designed to be applicable to any type of floor sanding project and will expand on familiar techniques, while introducing a range of new ones using the core Lagler Floor Sanding Machines.

This course is suitable for new starts and veteran floor sanders, offering a wide range of skills that can be applied to almost any floor refinishing project, of any size. The principles are designed to provide a framework to achieve premium results in any situation.

  • Use, understand and learn to maintain the HUMMEL, TRIO, FLIP and SINGLE sanding machines
  • Practice and apply new skills on our 10m2 training floor
  • Learn an easily-to-replicate process on any floor sanding project
  • Easily quote customers based on desired finish using simple sanding steps
  • Quickly rectify machine problems to avoid delays
  • Maintain, adjust and refit Lagler machines for an extended lifespan

Our fully certified and experienced instructors have unmatched technical knowledge of floor sanding with the Lagler machine range and can adapt the course to suit the focus of your particular sanding style and customer type.

This one day course costs £300 per business (5 attendees maximum) and is held at our on-site Lagler PST® Training area.

Attendees will receive food and drinks throughout the day and a PST Certificate following completion of this course.

Call us on 02380 215315 and one of our helpful staff will be happy to book your company in and answer any questions you might have.


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Lagler PST® for Apprentices & New Starts

We also offer the PST course for mixed groups of new starts and apprentices every few months. This is a great way to bring new recruits up to speed with the fundamentals of Lagler’s Premium Application process and core machinery. All participants receive the full Lagler PST certification on successful completion of the PST Course.

Upcoming days:

21 June – Spaces Available
20 September – Spaces Available
6 December – Spaces Available

Class sizes are limited to 5 participants. In order to enrol staff on to this course, the employing company must already hold a PST Certification no more than 2 years old.

Cost: £95+VAT pp

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Oils & Hardwax Oil Masterclass

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Further your knowledge on Oil application using a range of industry-leading brands such as Treatex and Bona Oils. This course covers best practices on achieving the perfect finish with a variety of Hardwax Oils, included recommended sanding sequences, application methods and finishing techniques.

  • Planning for Desired Outcomes
  • Matching Wood Species to Products
  • Colour-Matching Basics
  • Sanding and Grain Preparation
  • Application Tools and Sequences
  • Product Care and Lifespan
  • Floor Aftercare and Maintenance

This course can be adapted to cover specific services and areas that your business supplies, or as a comprehensive introductory course for beginners.

This course is an excellent supplement to the Lagler PST Training Day and follows principles from Lagler’s Premium Sanding Application framework.

Cost: £125+VAT pp

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Wood Pre-Finishing with PAOLONI

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Expand your floor sanding business offer with a range of low-footprint pre-finishing machines. This class demonstrates and teaches how to use the PAOLONI Rusticat and Minitunnel machines to effectively prepare wood flooring. Save time, money and create unique, bespoke flooring solutions for customers with your own pre-finishing tools.

More than a simple demonstration, this is a fully structured introduction to pre-finishing hardwood and softwood flooring using these tools, and covers a variety of in-depth topics including:

  • Planning for Desired Outcomes
  • Acclimatising Wood
  • Set Up and Calibration
  • Brushing and Texturing Finishes
  • Oiling and Staining
  • Safe Handling and User care

This course can be adapted to include specific products or applications that your business uses.

Cost: £125+VAT pp

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Adhesive Masterclass

Level: Beginner

Want to learn some skills that really stick with you? This course lays out the essential skills and knowledge for using premium adhesives with different types of wood floor, parquet and subfloors. This is an excellent opportunity to expand knowledge into floor laying and features  product-specific applications of the leading floor adhesives on the market, including products by Lecol, Wakol and Bona. Topics include:

  • Subfloor Preparation
  • Selecting the Correct Adhesive
  • Coverage Considerations
  • Application Techniques
  • Storage and Product Care

This course can be adapted to include specific products or applications that your business uses.

Cost: £125+VAT pp

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Wood Floor Maintenance Masterclass

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Just as important as laying and refinishing a floor is ensuring that it is maintained well. In this course you will learn all about maintenance techniques for different types of floors and finishes using a range of equipment, products and applicators. The skills and knowledge will help you tackle any kind of floor maintenance work and position your company for extended maintenance contracts after any initial laying or refinishing is completed. Extend your customer’s lifetime value and prevent unnecessary call-backs with excellent maintenance knowledge.

This course features products and equipment from Kärcher, Bona, Treatex and many more and covers topics including:

  • Everyday Aftercare
  • Wood Grain Preservation
  • Product Selection
  • Industrial Machines
  • Scrubber / Driers

This course can be adapted to include specific products or applications that your business uses.

This course is an excellent supplement to the Lagler PST Training course, Oils & Hardwax Oil Masterclass and Lacquer Laboratory classes we offer.

Cost: £125+VAT pp

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The Lacquer Laboratory

Level: Advanced

Looking to offer some new high-grade, premium finishes to your business portfolio? This course offers experienced professionals a new look at how to mix and match a variety of Primers, Lacquers, Stains and Oils together to create incredible, unique finishes for your customers. These include one and two-component Polyurethane, Oil and Solvent based products from top manufacturers including Bona, Loba, Morrells, Treatex and Junckers.

The course explores the fundamentals of matching products together to achieve viable outcomes, teaching you the skills and ideas you need to experiment on your own.

  • Advanced Colour Matching
  • Product Compatibility
  • Coat Sequence Adhesion
  • Durability and Traffic Resistance

This course can be adapted to cover specific products that your business uses.

This course is an excellent supplement to the Oils & Hardwax Oil Masterclass training course we offer.

Cost: £125+VAT pp