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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for visiting out FAQ section. Here you can find answers to many questions about our store, products and services. 

Lagler Machines

What’s so good about Lagler then?

People choose Lagler for three reasons:
  • Unbeatable Sanding performance
  • Exceptional design
  • Remarkable life span
    Lagler machines are the most efficient, highest performing and least dust-producing on the market. That’s a fact. Every Lagler is produced and assembled in-house in Lagler’s factory in Germany to the highest possible standards and hand tested before being sold. The Lagler Hummel, Trio and Flip are all certified to produce less than 1mg /m³ wood dust emissions. The design of the Lagler machines means that they can be upgraded and maintained for over 30 years of work.

    Is Dust Free sanding important?

    Floor sanding produces very fine wood dust, especially when working with high grit sandpapers and abrasives, and breathing this in can lead to all kinds of respiratory problems including asthma and cancer of the nose and lungs. For this reason, maintaining a dust-free environment for yourself, your colleagues and your customers is highly important.

    The Lagler integrated dust extraction on the Hummel, Trio and Flip is proven to be the most effective on the market for machines of this kind, producing less than 1mg /m³ over an 8 hour day. This helps ensure the safest possible working environment for everyone.

    Are Lagler machines hard to use?

    Lagler floor sanding machines are incredibly simple to use. The ergonomic design of the machines makes handling – even in small spaces - surprisingly easy. There are also some great accessories like the Hummel Safety Belt and Left Hand Conversion Kit that add a little extra comfort to those who need it.

    However – and we can’t stress this enough – it is learning to maintain and look after your machines that takes real time and effort. All Lagler machines are designed with a long lifetime in mind and can be easily taken apart for cleaning and servicing.

    I’ve shopped around and Lagler seems pricey compared to other brands.

    Sure, that’s true when you only look at the price tag. But let’s look further down the road.
    Our customers understand the value of:
    • Reliable equipment suitable for any kind of challenge
    • Only buying one machine over 30 years instead of two or three cheaper machines
    • A professional reputation of excellent results and fast, efficient work
    • Access to best-bar-none technical support, training and maintenance whenever you need it
    Lagler invented the belt sander and have been improving on their original design for over 60 years. No matter what other manufacturers claim to offer, remember: Nobody upgrades from a Lagler Sanding Machine.

    Can I buy a machine now and pay later?

    To make decent equipment available to everyone, we have teamed up with Kennet Leasing to offer affordable finance plans on our Lagler Floor Sanding Machines, meaning you can get to work straight away with the best gear on the market. Give us a call on 02380 215 315 and we can get to work putting together the perfect package and plan for your business.

    Can I try the machines out first?

    Of course you can! Simply give us a call and you can come down to check out all of the Lagler range. We’re always happy to walk you through the features and answer any questions about specific needs you might have. And we don’t employ sales reps – the machines can speak for themselves.
    We often have training sessions going on though, so please call to arrange a visit first!
    For businesses looking to upgrade or learn more, our PST Floor Sanding Training is a great opportunity to fully get to grips with the Lagler Floor Sanding range.

    I’m new to floor sanding. Where do I start?

    Jumping into a new trade or setting up a business can be a scary experience for anyone. We’ve helped dozens of new professionals find their feet in the industry, providing comprehensive advice, training and equipment. Right now we offer finance plans, bespoke packages and all kinds of freebies and deals on a range of staple products so there’s never been a better time to get started!
    We’re a small business that loves to help other small businesses. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you out as you begin your career in floor sanding.

    Online Store

    Some popular brands aren’t on your website. How come?

    Expecting to see something that’s not there? It’s usually because:
    • We haven’t had anyone ask for it.
    • We don’t think people should use it.
    • We haven’t tested it yet.
      Every single product that we stock in store or online has been tested by us, either in-house or on-site. That means our technicians can tell you how a particular lacquer behaves under certain conditions, what cleaning solution works best with a specific oil products, or how different wood species respond to solvent and water based stains. We do our homework so you can use our products with confidence.

      I’m looking for something that isn’t on your website. Can you get it?

      Yes! We have great relationships with all of our suppliers and can usually get items out to you in a matter of days. Contact us however is easiest and we’ll get back to you with a cost and an ETA. It’s that simple.

      I’m doing something unusual. Can I get some advice about a product?

      Yes! We get asked this a lot. The majority of product information can be found in our descriptions or on the manufacturer’s own websites, but if you’re doing something weird and wonderful and need some sense-checking we’ll happily advise… or talk you out of it if we think that’s best!

      Trade Discounts & Wholesale Pricing

      Can I get trade discounts for my registered business?

      Yes you can! Create an online account, put in your company details and then contact us to request trade pricing (available from your account dashboard). We’ll take a look at your business and if everything looks legit, we’ll add some great discounts to your account.

      I have a big job coming up. Can I get a bulk discount?

      School Halls. Gymnasiums. Office blocks.
      Big jobs mean big money, but can also come with a big price tag. If you’re buying a large order of lacquers, abrasives or anything else then get in touch to see what we can do for you. We’re always happy to do deals, especially if it helps secure big ticket jobs for our customers.

      Do you offer credit terms?

      Yes we do! You can download an application form here.
      Once set up you can use the “Pay with KHR Credit Account” payment option in the checkout. We’ll pick, pack and send your items as usual and raise an invoice for your purchase.

      Machine Hire

      I want to use a Lagler on a job. Do you hire machines?

      Yes and No. We only hire to companies that we know use Lagler Floor Sanding Machines responsibly. That means any of our long-standing customers, or anyone that has taken a PST Floor Sanding Training day with us. This ensures that our hire machines remain in good condition and produce excellent results for our customers and their clients.
      We work with numerous Hire Stores in the UK. Head over to our Hire Page to find recommended shops that stock Lagler equipment for commercial and public use.

      Great, I can hire your machines directly. What next?

      Get in touch on 02380 215 315 and we’ll organise how best to get the machines to you. We offer drop off and pick up services all across the UK. Our Lagler Hummel and Trio machines are always in high demand, so be sure to book soon!

      Deliveries and Shipping

      Do you ship outside of the UK?

      No. We only sell and deliver to customers based in the UK, and that goes double for Lagler products.  Check out the Lagler website for a list of approved distributors and recommended companies across the globe.

      I’ve just ordered online. How long will it take to get to me?

      Not long! All orders made online before 3pm will be dispatched same day and delivered on next-business day as standard. If you didn’t make the 3pm deadline we will try our best to get it shipped, but it will most likely be sent out the following working day.
      Check out our full delivery information here for more details on shipping options.

      I need something urgently. Is there a premium delivery option?

      We offer ExpressAM delivery across most of the UK which means we can ensure that you have what you need by lunchtime, Monday to Friday. If you need something earlier (or on a Saturday) we also offer Express 10.30AM for a superfast tracked service.
      Please contact us by phone first, as these delivery options are still subject to stock levels and delivery cut-off times.

      I live in a remote location. How will my delivery be affected?

      While our couriers will do their very best to reach you, we can’t guarantee next-day delivery when shipping to remote or offshore locations. You can view an information sheet here to see what options are available based on your post code.

      Repairs and Servicing

      How often should I have my Lagler Floor Sanding machine serviced?

      We recommend that all Lagler machines should be checked over at least once every two years. All Lagler machines come with 2 years labour-free servicing, meaning that you would only need to pay if there are parts that need replacing during this time.
      Crucially, within the first two years is a perfect time to get your machine serviced as small problems caused by misuse or poor maintenance can be easily spotted, fixed and avoided in future before they develop into serious issues.

      I need my machine serviced. How do I get it booked in?

      The easiest way is to head over to the official Lagler UK website and fill in the short registration form. We’ll get back to you with pick-up and delivery options, suitable dates and can even arrange replacement hire machines if required.
      Or you can call, email or message us and we’ll do pretty much the same thing.

      How long does a service take?

      Usually no more than a day. We break down all machines to their component parts and thoroughly check them over before quoting you for any work that needs doing. Once you’re happy, we’ll clean the machines, replace or refurbish any parts, reassemble the pieces and test the equipment before returning it to you.
      Please allow an extra day for both delivery and pick up if you are sending the machines to us by courier.

      Do you service other machines?

      Yes! We can service floor sanding machines, dust extractors and power tools from pretty much any manufacturer. We only stock parts for Lagler, so repairing machines from other makes can take significantly longer as we must source the parts before replacing them.

      Troubleshooting – Common Questions Answered

      My power cable is getting very hot. What should I do?

      Probably our most common question! Floor sanding machines draw a lot of power need a reliable source of electricity. The harder it is for power to reach the machine, the hotter the cables and components will get, until eventually things start melting and catching fire.
      There is a very simple solution to this; ensure that the plug socket you are working from is providing 230 volts.
      There is only ONE place in every home that a 230V power supply is guaranteed and that is the odd-looking socket by the cooker. Plug your Lagler Floor Sanding Machine into this socket and see how the cables and machine responds.
      Cable Length x Daisy Chains = More Problems
      This simple formula can be applied to any power scenario (and might explain why your last USB phone charger melted). Buy a break-free 2.5mm cable for a single, reliable connection to that sweet oven power source.

      My Lagler Trio struggles to turn on in the morning. What’s wrong with it?

      Your Trio is too cold. If you left it overnight in an unheated van, garage or job site then the capacitors have dropped below optimal working temperature. Leave the machine somewhere it can reach an ambient room temperature for about 30 minutes, or invest in a travel hairdryer to warm up the electrical box and you should be working in no time.

      My Lagler Flip switch is broken. I have to hold it down to keep the machine running.

      Your Flip switch is not broken. The Carbon Brushes in your machine have ground down almost beyond use and your machine is telling you to replace them. Lagler designed in the “Hold Switch Override” to make sure that tradespeople could keep working on their job until the replacements arrived. But keep holding that switch down and you will burn out your armature completely. So buy some carbon brushes, and a few spares.

      My machine is making strange noises. What should I do?

      If any Lagler Floor Sanding machine sounds different than usual, and it isn’t due to a cause listed above, then please send it in for servicing. It could be one of many easy-to-fix things, but the longer something small goes unaddressed, the more damage It will do to the machine.
      Lagler Sanders are powerful, stubborn and will keep working until the job is done, even if they kill themselves doing it. Look after your machinery and get it serviced regularly, especially if you notice something not quite right.
      We regularly post recent repairs on our Instagram and Facebook along with useful maintenance tips, and our PST Floor Sanding Training also covers essential maintenance techniques to keep your machines working as good as new for up to 30+ years.