Floor Preparation Accessories

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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 products
Lino strip cutter Vario 110
ROLL Lino strip cutter Vario 110
Sale price£219.87
Edge Trimmer ROLLlino 12mm
ROLL Edge Trimmer ROLLlino 12mm
Sale price£54.96
Save £32.96
Vinyl Groover & Trimmer Tool
ROLL Vinyl Groover & Trimmer Tool
Sale price£200.00 Regular price£232.96
Linocutter ROLLlino
ROLL Linocutter ROLLlino
Sale price£225.23
Save £9.04
Mozart Trimming Knife
ROLL Mozart Trimming Knife
Sale price£45.95 Regular price£54.99
Save £25.56
RO-26 Pressure Roller
ROLL RO-26 Pressure Roller
Sale price£125.00 Regular price£150.56
Leather Knife Holster For Two Knives (empty)
Carrying Aid
ROLL Carrying Aid
Sale price£124.27
Wall Guide Plate
ROLL Wall Guide Plate
Sale price£30.58
Velcro Sanding Disc
ROLL Velcro Sanding Disc
Sale price£54.00
Transport Wheels
ROLL Transport Wheels
Sale price£112.49
Loading Ramp
ROLL Loading Ramp
Sale price£561.38
Hose and Cable Holder
ROLL Hose and Cable Holder
Sale price£124.41
Longopac Dust Bag
ROLL Longopac Dust Bag
Sale price£42.77
Chassis RO-180
ROLL Chassis RO-180
Sale price£163.31
Additional Weight RO-3
ROLL Additional Weight RO-3
Sale price£190.60
Additional Weight RO-5
ROLL Additional Weight RO-5
Sale price£96.03
Additional Weight RO-2
ROLL Additional Weight RO-2
Sale price£206.33
Carpet Clamp
ROLL Carpet Clamp
Sale price£36.66
ROLL Stripemaster
Sale price£193.03

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