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External Oak

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Treatex External Oak (Virgin & Regency) has been developed as a base coat to treat timbers such as Oak and Idigbo. Suitable for use externally and internally, they provide a high class finish that leaves the wood looking natural. Based on the same natural sustainable oils we currently use in our highly successful Hardwax Oil range including a modified alkyd resin, linseed oil and waxes, with an addition of siccatives for faster drying times.


Prior to application all previous finishes must be removed as Treatex products work by absorption. Surfaces should be sanded with 100-120 grit sandpaper and all external sharp edges should be rounded to approximately 3mm (5mm on cill front). The timber must have a moisture content below 18% and the ambient temperature must be greater than 8 degrees. The tin should be kept at room temperature prior to use. When using Treatex External Oak, we advise that sufficient product is purchased to complete the whole project and where more than one tin is required it is advisable to mix them together before use. We strongly recommend a trial application prior to starting a project.


Stir the tins thoroughly and using a good quality brush (Treatex brushes are available), work along the end grain, applying 1 even coat of Treatex External Oak to all surfaces. Pay particular attention to the end grain by a applying a 2nd application whilst the finish is still wet on these areas. Allow to dry for at least 12 hours before applying two coats of Treatex External Oak Protection.

Treatex brushes and rollers are available. Wet brushes and rollers can be cleaned with Treatex Thinner or white spirit. Store tins in a cool and frost free environment. Unopened tins will last for five years. Once tins are opened, transfer contents to smaller airtight container.