Scrubber Dryer BD 43/25 C Bp

KARCHERSKU: K.1.515-403.0

Sale price£2,912.50


This entry level, compact scrubber dryer comes at a very attractive price level, whilst being able to serve all basic cleaning needs - without having to compromise on performance.

Robust and durable control elements

  • Designed for daily use.
  • Robust, durable, reliable machine.

Simple operation thanks to EASY-Operation Panel

  • Clear control panel with self-explanatory symbols
  • Solenoid valve for automatic water cutout after the dead man‘s switch is released.

Small, compact machine

  • Very manoeuvrable and easy to use.
  • Clear view of surfaces to be cleaned.

Large battery compartment for all standard battery types

  • Easily accessible battery compartment for battery replacement.
  • Also suitable for multiple shift operation.


  1. Efficient single-disc engineering
  2. Battery powered
  3. Non-corrosive frame

Technical Data

Equipment included

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