Parkett-X-Press® 90 Pro Glue Applicator 200mm Bosch Set


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Glue-down installation of wooden planks and engineered flooring in a new dimension: clean – fast – easy

Parkett-X-Press has unique and outstanding properties:

  • Glue spreader, which does not require time-consuming cleaning.
  • Application across the width of the planks (adaptable).
  • Electra-Flow System for XXL adhesive sachets

The Parkett-X-Press spreader tubes are always supplied together.

The Parkett-X-Press is like no other tool in the market. The smart design gives a lot of unique benefits to the tool and the person who work with it:

Clean Working
  • Adhesive application from wall to wall – like with a ruler
  • Precise application of the adhesive in the width of the floor elements which is adjustable. Tools, hands and the floor surface remain absolutely clean.
  • Replace instead of cleaning: 2 screws - a new spreader tube once at the works start
Ergonomic Working
  • Without fatigue: adhesive application in upright position.
  • Comfortable: the tools weight rests on the ground during operation.
  • Better roll than raise: easy and safe transportation with the optional trolley
Economic Working
  • Line application: improved yield with less adhesive
  • No leftovers: perfect emptying due to sachet technology
  • Thrifty: very little packaging waste.
Fast Working
  • High adjustable work speed
  • Sachet change: pit-Stop in 25 seconds
  • Time savings: close to floating installation
  • No time-out: up to 160 m²/battery charge, 2nd battery and quick charger supplied.
Fast Working
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact dimensions – also fit for small rooms.

PXP User Manual

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