MS 232 Parquet Adhesive


Size: 7.7kg
Sale price£44.78


Area of application

Tubular bag adhesive for the elastic laying of

  • Mosaic parquet according to DIN EN 13488
  • On-edge lamella parquet according to DIN EN 14761, min. 16 mm thick, max. 200 mm long
  • Strip parquet according to DIN EN 13226, up to a max. width of 80 mm and max. length of 600 mm
  • Multi-layer parquet according to DIN EN 13489 on properly prepared absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors indoors.

These 7.7kg tubes are ideal for our Parkett-X-Press 90 Pro Glue Applicator

Wakol MS 232 Technical Information

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