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The Lagler ELAN Edge Sander is light, flexible and universally popular with both professionals and rental companies.With its low machine weight, short nose and extraordinary manoeuvrability, the ELAN is not only extremely suitable for sanding edges and areas of wooden flooring underneath radiators, but for wooden staircases as well.

Universal Flexibility

A sturdy motor and good dust extraction guarantee clean work. The ELAN is straightforward to use, making it suitable for finishing and cover-up work. Any existing irregularities in the flooring are levelled out smoothly thanks to the flexible steel sanding plate. Like other edge sanding machines in the range, the ELAN also has a Long Attachment for reaching under radiators and other difficult areas and a Corner Attachment for unmatched corner sanding precision, minimising the need for other tools or oscillating sanders (sold separately).

Ideal use

The Elan is a firm favourite for sanding staircases, as well as being a practical all-rounder for all aspects of edge sanding.


  • Universal motor with no-voltage release & thermal overload protection
  • Available as:
    230 V / 50 CPS / 1.2 kW
    110 V / 60 CPS / 1.05 kW
  • Sanding disc diameter: 150 mm
  • Sanding disc diameter corner attachment:75 mm
  • Sanding disc speed:
    - when idling 4000 rpm
    - under load 3100 rpm
  • Attachment lengths-
    - Short - 110 mm (included)
    - Long - 310 mm
    - Corner - 130 mm
  • Machine weight: 8kg

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