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Edge Texturing Brush

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Part of the Floor Texture Brush Range - These circular brushes are designed for creating a rustic / textured effect on edges and areas that larger brush drums will not reach.

These brush drums will fit to most 180mm grinders. Please note that the 22mm Shaft Adapter is required to fit.

  • Steel brushes are for heavy brushing and will excavate the soft wood quickly and efficiently.
  • Nylon Brushes are ideal for cleaning up & deburring the surface after using a steel brush, or can be used alone to create a lighter brushed effect.

When texturing floors with any aggressive brush, be sure to protect walls and skirting with a piece of sheet metal. This will allow brushing all the way to the edge without risking damage.

DISCLAIMER: Wire Brush Drums are an aftermarket accessory designed to distress and damage wooden surfaces. We recommend that exhaustive tests are carried out on like-for-like wood species before attempting to use these in a professional setting. Improper or inexperienced use may lead to undesired results or excessive, irreparable damage.

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