Corner Texturing Brush

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Part of the Floor Texture Brush Range - These triangular¶ÿbrushes are designed for creating a rustic / textured effect¶ÿin corners.

These brushes can be fitted to the Fein Multimuster using the StarLock system.

  • Steel brushes are for heavy brushing and will excavate the soft ¶ÿwood quickly and efficiently.
  • Nylon Brushes¶ÿare ideal for¶ÿcleaning up & deburring the surface after using a steel brush, or can be used alone to create a lighter brushed effect.

When texturing floors with any aggressive brush, be sure to protect walls and skirting with a piece of sheet metal. This will allow brushing all the way to the edge without risking damage.

DISCLAIMER: Wire Brushes are an aftermarket accessory designed to distress and damage wooden surfaces. We recommend that exhaustive tests are carried out on like-for-like wood species before attempting to use these in a professional setting. Improper or inexperienced use may lead to undesired results or excessive, irreparable¶ÿdamage.

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