TRIO Wood Texture Brushes

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Set: Nylon Set with Systainer
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For wood species with a pronounced wood grain, the brushing discs significantly enhance the distressing effect. During brushing, the softer layer of the wood (early wood) is brushed out and the harder structures of the late wood are retained. This gives the wood a rustic character.

Nylon - For softwood floors

Brass - For soft and hardwood floors

Stainless Steel - For hardwood floors

The use of brushing discs must always be adapted to the individual conditions of a construction site! The level of humidity can also have an influence on the distressing effect.

Advantages of the Lagler brushing discs:

- Application with brush discs requires only one working step.
- Also suitable for multi-directional layouts (e.g. parquet/herringbones).
- Close-to-the-wall brushing.
- Efficient dust extraction performance.
- Quick and easy retrofitting from sanding to brushing discs.
- For distressing both new and renovation wooden floors.

Example of application:

1. Sanding with the TRIO

  • Sanding up to grit 100 or 120.
  • No screen sanding necessary before brushing.

2. Optional Additional water popping

  • Water popping of the surface directly BEFORE brushing, the formation of puddles must be avoided!
  • Don't let the surface dry!
  • ATTENTION! Additional water popping is NOT recommended for softwood floors!

3. Brushing with the TRIO

  • Selection of the corresponding brushing discs.
  • Only one working step.
  • Optional Performance of the brushing against the wood grain or crosswise.

4. Water popping of the surface

  • E.g. with a T-Wiper.
  • Drying is necessary.

5. Applying surface treatment

  • Executed on a wooden floor with pronounced wood grain.
  • Optional to enhance the distressing effect

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