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Bona Natural Primer is designed to retain a truly natural appearance to unfinished wood. Overcoat with Bona Traffic Natural lacquer for a truly 'unfinished' natural look - but at the same achieving a highly durable surface. Quick to dry and good abrasion qualities.

The final colour of Bona Natural Primer is strongly connected to the wood species it is applied to. The same type of wood may also contain varying degrees of tannic acid and other naturally occurring substances that affect the colouration. Bona Natural Primer can be applied in one or two layers depending on the desired look. The more coats, the lighter/whiter the appearance. If unsure, test to ensure satisfactory colouration prior to use.

∆­? ¢ ˆ‚¬Ω Easy roller application
∆­? ¢ ˆ‚¬Ω Good abrasion qualities

Coverage Approx. 8-10 m per litre