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Produces a rich, amber wood colouration similar to that of traditional, solvent based lacquers but without the hazards associated. Excellent abrasion properties.

Highly suitable for floors with underfloor heating and/or moving floors such as end grain or plank floors. Suitable for oak and darker types of wood including tropical species.

∆­? ¢ ˆ‚¬Ω Rich, amber wood colouration
∆­? ¢ ˆ‚¬Ω Highly suitable for underfloor heating
∆­? ¢ ˆ‚¬Ω Excellent abrasion performance
∆­? ¢ ˆ‚¬Ω Reduces potential for sidebonding
∆­? ¢ ˆ‚¬Ω GreenGuard approved for low indoor emissions

Coverage Approx. 8-10 m per litre