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406mm Pad

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400mm / 16" Pads for the Lagler SINGLE Disc Sanding Machine.

These Pads are specially designed for a wide range of applications across the sanding, cleaning, oiling and buffing of wooden floors and parquet.


Cleaning, wet and dry cleaning for floors


Polishing, massaging of oil and wax on wooden floors


Cleaning of wooden floors, removal of oil and wax. Fine sanding required afterwards


Fine sanding of hardwood, PVC or similar between coats


Polishing and removal of oil surplus


High Performance. Removal of oil, wax and polishing agents from durable floors. Fine sanding required afterwards


High Performance. Removal of hard coatings and heavy tracks on industrial floor. Preparation of screed for gluing of wooden floors. High risk of floor damage if used improperly

Sold individually.