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Showing 49 - 61 of 61 products
Additional Weight RO-2
ROLL Additional Weight RO-2
Sale price£206.33
Carpet Clamp
ROLL Carpet Clamp
Sale price£36.66
ROLL Stripemaster
Sale price£193.03
RO-4 Parquet Saw
ROLL RO-4 Parquet Saw
Sale price£3,295.00
RO-5 Floor Stripper
ROLL RO-5 Floor Stripper
Sale price£5,995.00
RO-3 Floor Stripper
ROLL RO-3 Floor Stripper
Sale price£9,795.00
RO-2 Floor Stripper
ROLL RO-2 Floor Stripper
Sale price£12,495.00
RO-1.1 Floor Stripper
ROLL RO-1.1 Floor Stripper
Sale price£31,995.00
ROLL Bullystripper
Sale price£1,195.00
RO-180 Edge Grinder
ROLL RO-180 Edge Grinder
Sale price£1,195.00
RO-400 Floor Grinder
ROLL RO-400 Floor Grinder
Sale price£4,995.00
RO-300 Floor Grinder
ROLL RO-300 Floor Grinder
Sale price£4,295.00
RO-250 Floor Grinder
ROLL RO-250 Floor Grinder
Sale price£3,195.00

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