Linocutter ROLLlino


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Expertly cut linoleum, PVC, and vinyl with the Linocutter ROLLlino. Designed for professionals, this seam cutter provides precise and efficient cuts for a variety of materials. Perfect for lino, PVC, and vinyl (LVT) projects.


  • The stable base plate has ball bearings and can therefore be guided over the floor covering with little friction - particularly important for more sensitive design flooring and PU flooring
  • The slight inclination of the blades makes scoring much easier than with other models
  • with stepless cutting width and cutting depth adjustment
  • The guide along the material web is additionally supported by the recess in the base plate
  • The Linocutter ROLLlino works with standard blades
  • In addition to trapezoidal blades, hook blades can also be used: special advantage: thin coverings can be completely cut through in one step (no need to score in advance)
  • Blade changes are possible without tools

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