IGEL Milling Drum Kit


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The IGEL ("hedgehog") Milling Drum is an optional accessory for the HUMMEL & ELF 200 sanding machines. Designed for the effortless and economical renovation of very old floors heavily soiled by residual coatings paint and carpet adhesive.

Planing is performed with the grain of the wood moving right to left across the floor to prevent splintering. A simple & reliable depth limiter included in the kit ensures that not too much surface material is removed. With a single pass it is possible to remove 1mm of material including Adhesives, PVC ruminants filler or generations of paint, floor seal and maintenance product. The IGEL clears the Lot!

The Lagler IGEL is milled from a single piece of billet aluminium and equipped with forty interchangeable cutting edges which can be rotated up to three times should the blades become blunted. In normal circumstances and with correct usage, it is possible to cut 500m2 with one edge (that's 2000m2 with one carbide tool) quickly and efficiently. It takes just 10 minutes to convert your machine from the standard drum to the IGEL.

The IGEL is particularly well suited for removing old adhesives, since this is practically impossible with conventional grinding belts. Until now this made refurbishment an expensive process. The surface will be left clean & textured from planning which can be sanded smooth starting with a P36/40 grit paper, then completing your sanding process as usual.


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