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Loba Spray Mob

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New addition to our product range!

Specially developed for the cleaning of parquet, hardwood and cork floors. Also ideally suited for laminate, PVC, linoleum, rubber and design flooring, as well as for tile and stone floors and all water-resistant surfaces.

  • Fast and easy cleaning, no bucket required
  • Practical mop with integrated spray system
  • No more excess moisture on the floor
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly due to use of concentrated cleaner


  • SprayMop (2-part handle, SprayMop frame)
  • LOBATOOL Microfibre mop head (washable 60 ˆžC)
  • Refillable reservoir for cleaning solution
  • LOBACARE Refill 250 ml (concentrated cleaner for 4 litres of cleaning solution)