35mm E-Cut Carbide Pro Plunge Cut Saw Blade - 5236

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Key Blades 35mm E Cut Carbide Pro Plunge Cut Saw Blade 5236

The Key Blades 35mm plunge cut saw blade is ideal for professional use as it is made of TiN-coated carbide which gives it extremely good resistance to wear, lasting 100% longer than uncoated carbide saw blades and 30 times longer than HSS saw blades, making this an ideal blade for your working day. The versatility of this blade is astounding being ideal for tough materials such as ferrous metals, stainless steel, copper pipes and even for hardened screws, but also for abrasive materials, such as bricks, masonry, fibre cement boards, laminate, carbon fibre-reinforced plastic and fibreglass-reinforced plastic, and if that wasn't enough it has great cutting results and quality in all timber materials, such as hardwood or chipboard. This blade fits all Fein MultiMasters and MultiTalents with a STARLOCK shank and other branded Multitools that have a STARLOCK shank making this the perfect blade for all occasions.


  • Can be used for numerous applications, making it versatile
  • Can be used with any Multitool with a STARLOCK shank
  • Lasts 100% longer than uncoated carbide saw blades


  • Width - 35mm
  • Length - 45mm
  • Shank - STARLOCK
  • Pack quantity - 1


1 x 35mm TiN-coated carbide plunge-cut saw blade

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