Wood Preparation

Paoloni has produced a complete range of machines for timber and wooden flooring treatment, staining, oiling and brushing for indoor (parquet) and outdoor (decking) use. 

The Paoloni range includes the La Perlina, Minitunnel, Rusticat, Rustichella and Rusticona machines

  • The La Perlina is a compact machine that automatically colours and impregnates matchboards of any thickness, width and length with no wastage or blots.
  • The Minitunnel is an oiling and varnishing machine for wooden and parquet floors with great versatility and high productivity. We tested over 60 different products for painting, oiling and varnishing wooden surfaces with absolutely perfect results.
  • The Rusticat is a combined brushing machine for wooden, parquet and the costruction of wooden floors with an embossed shaft. The embossed shaft and quick pivot allows to easily change brushes according to the effect desired. Thanks to the adjustable speed and regulating brushes pressure and rotation it is possible to work parquet, match boardings and straight wooden profiles with this machine.
  • The Rustichella is a compact rustic sanding machine able to work even lamellar beams (up to 300 mm).
  • The Rusticona is a powerful and quick machine with double motorized brushes making it possible to work with different kinds of brushes to rusticate parquet flooring, scratch beams and obtain an aged appearance effect on wooden floors.