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Lagler Dust Bags

Official Lagler Dust Bags for the Lagler Floor Sanding Machine range. A well-maintained dust bag is key to ensuring dust-free sanding.

Lagler Dust Bags are made of high quality Calico Cotton fabric, perfect for maintaining high suction through prolonged use. Use the Lagler MultiClip to easily attach and remove dust bags with a reliable seal.

Important Notice:

  • Lager Dust Bags should be replaced if showing signs of wear or damage.
  • Patching is not recommended as it can affect the performance of the machine and risks leaking harmful dust into the working atmosphere.
  • Dust bags should be regularly emptied, and never filled over 3/4 full.
  • Wood dust is a Fire Hazard. Always remember to empty your dust bag before leaving unattended or in storage. Heated particles can cause a fire hours after the machine is in use.
  • The only way to ensure a fire does not start is to ensure the bag is empty of wood dust!